Many people recently have been complaining that their eyes are tired. This is being experienced mainly by people who in their work have to stress their eye sight, which is what causes the fatigue in the pupils as well as pain within the head. Frequently for these reasons people have worsening vision. Mostly, such symptoms appear among transit drivers, office workers, computer workers, schoolchildren, and students. Optometrists have specially developed a massager for solving such problems. The device is called Eye Massager Thailand, which was completed in the form of glasses with built-in massaging fingertips on the inner side.

The product is multi-functioning. It doesn’t have any side effects, toxicity, and doesn’t cause eye irritation. It has completed clinical testing and features a Quality Certificate. Despite that it is a novelty on the sales market, it has a lot of positive reviews from those who’ve managed to already order Eye Massager and try it for themselves.

Eye Massager’s properties:

  1. Removing eye fatigue
  2. Improving vision
  3. Eliminating dark circles beneath the eyes
  4. Improving blood circulation
  5. Lessening headaches and eye aches
  6. Relaxing eye muscles
  7. Smoothing out wrinkles
  8. Boosting skin elasticity under the eyes
  9. Wonderful relaxation of the whole body

Using the massager is easy. If your eyes are tired or you have pain, all you have to do is put on the Eye Massager for a few minutes, relax, and meanwhile the massager will quickly and easily eliminate any problems. With the Eye Massager: your eyes will shine in a new way and your youth and beauty will return. The massager can be used at any convenient time. Spend a few minutes on yourself in order to put on the glasses and enjoy the massage. This will help you relax as much as possible and then feel at ease and focus better on work.

How the Eye Massager product is designed

The glasses are manufactured from high-quality glass. They are easy to put on the eyes and set around the head. The massage fingertips built inside the glasses have small magnets that during operation stimulate the biologically active points around the eyes. During stimulation, blood flow improves and maximum relaxation occurs, meanwhile pain in the eyes thus reduced along with their fatigue.eye massager philippines

A product is built inside the glasses with 10 modes. Each mode includes a different effect intensity. If a person would like to or needs to, he or she can choose any mode that suits him or her and turn it on before enjoying rest and relaxation.

2 batteries are included in the package.

Using the Eye Massager:

  1. Place the batteries in the device
  2. Choose one of 10 modes
  3. Turn on the mode you need
  4. Place the glasses on your eyes
  5. Relax as much as possible

The best time for an eye massage is about 15 minutes. You can use the glasses one a day at any time when you need to reduce fatigue and pain. The massage is not recommended to be done for more than 20 minutes a day.

Highest Eye Massager efficiency

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Eliminates the sensation of fatigue
  • Normalizes visual efficiency

The additional advantages of Eye Massager

The device is light and compact. When necessary, it can be used at any place you need, meanwhile women don’t have to remove their makeup in the event that they need to use it during work hours. In addition, the glasses are absolutely safe, so anyone can order Eye Massager without any doctor’s prescription. The price in Thailand is very affordable.

The reviews from optometrists testify to the fact that using the Eye Massager devices helps you get rid of myopia. The best effect can be achieved in about 2-3 months.

Counterindications for using Eye Massager include serious cerebral injuries, eye operations, and eye illness infections.