After conducting a series of clinical trials, doctors have discovered that unroasted coffee beans have extremely beneficial effects on the body. Green coffee beans are unroasted, fresh coffee beans which, among other things, are considered to be a great product to help fight excess weight.

How do green coffee beans affect fat? As it turns out, the beans contain chlorogenic acid, which prevents the digestive system from breaking down and absorbing carbohydrates. In addition, it slows down the absorption of glucose into blood.

It is known that rapid absorption of carbohydrates leads to the buildup of adipose tissue. That is how chlorogenic acid prevents fat deposits by slowing the process of the absorption of carbohydrates. Even more interesting is the fact that if food does not contain enough fat, chlorogenic acid will contribute to the breakdown of the existing subcutaneous fat.

As green coffee still coffee, it contains caffeine, which speeds up the metabolism, resulting in weight loss. Even if you have had a hearty meal, a cup of green coffee will prevent your body from storing the fat. Having a cup of green coffee after a meal will help you get rid of extra kilos.

Of course, green coffee is not some kind of “miracle drug”, but if you use in combination with proper diet and sports, you are guaranteed to achieve spectacular results coffee benefits

Then why doesn’t ordinary coffee have such an effect?

What is the difference between ordinary roasted coffee and green coffee? The fact is that a lot of useful substances have been discovered in coffee recently, but unfortunately, they are lost while the coffee is being roasted. While the fresh, green coffee still contains all the vitamins and minerals.

Everyone knows that black coffee contains caffeine, which boosts the metabolism, but the key component that helps burn fat is missing. This is due to the fact that chlorogenic acid breaks down into simpler elements under the effect of high temperature. The tests have proven that the thermal treatment results in the loss of all the properties crucial for the triggering of weight loss.

Green coffee is perfect for both weight loss and keeping in shape.

This drink possesses many beneficial properties:

  • it is a great for burning fat;
  • it prevents new fat deposits;
  • slows down the absorption of glucose in the bloodstream;
  • speeds up the metabolism.

Those who have tried green coffee claim that it quickly makes you feel full while having only a few calories. As a source of caffeine, green coffee revitalizes, giving you an energy boost and lifting your spirits.

Green coffee can be perfectly combined with your main diet or any healthy eating habits.  It is also an excellent help in weight loss. It is perfect for those people who want to stay in good shape.

It is a well-known fact that it is necessary to drink natural ground coffee (for better results, it should be green, unroasted coffee) to keep in shape and to fight excess weight.

Green coffee is the healthiest drink, and it can be consumed in larger quantities than black coffee. While it is not advisable to drink more than 3 cups of black coffee a day, it is still safe to drink a few times more green coffee than that.

French scientists have noticed that green coffee contains caffeine, which improves the condition of your skin and helps to lose weight. Even if consumed in large quantities, this drink will not do any considerable harm to the body. As previously stated, green coffee contains the substances that are instrumental in breaking down fat cells. The effect can be observed much sooner than in the case of drinking ordinary black coffee. You will see the effect three times sooner, compared to drinking ordinary black coffee.

The role of chlorogenic acid in breaking down fats

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Researchers have proven that green coffee contains approximately 7% of chlorogenic acid, which is an excellent help in burning subcutaneous fat and turning it into energy. Regular exercises, combined with taking green coffee, result in speeding up the rate of calorie burning by several times.

If you drink green coffee without taking any additional measures for weight loss, you can lose about 2 or 3 kilograms within a month.

American scientists point out that this drink prevents the intestine from absorbing excessive amounts of sugar, which contributes to weight loss. They also claim that it is the chlorogenic acid contained in the drink that helps burn fat.

Similar to green tea containing more useful substances than black tea, green coffee contains a lot more useful substances than black coffee, making it possible to boosts metabolism.

Chlorogenic acid is a powerful antioxidant that not only helps in weight loss, but also has a positive effect on overall health.

Chlorogenic acid is also found in such foods as:

  • blueberries;
  • tea;
  • prunes;
  • peaches;
  • sunflower seeds;
  • bamboo.

It is also interesting to know that caffeine and chlorogenic acid, if used on their own, do not affect metabolism or weight loss, but combined together, they do have a very strong effect.

It was only in 2011 that the positive impact of green coffee on human health and  physical form was revealed.

More than a thousand tests and clinical trials have been carried out, and all of them demonstrated the following results: chlorogenic acid had a positive effect on fat reduction in healthy people who underwent clinical research.

Another trial was carried out in India in 2012. It was focused on men and women with more than 16 kg of excess weight. The trial resulted in the testees losing about 2-3 kg of weight over a period of 6 weeks. The dosage of the drink was about 350 ml, three times a day. The weight was lost as a result of burning adipose tissue, while there was no loss of muscle. No health problems were detected among the testees.

Yet it is important to point out that the result was achieved among healthy people who did not have any deviations. During the trials only one person had a decrease in blood pressure.

When buying green coffee from any manufacturer, you should carefully read the information about the ingredients, paying close attention at the amount of caffeine and other stimulants of any kind. This is important because if you make the right choice, you will be able to decrease the level of sugar in the blood, and this will be a great solution for many people sufering from coffee review philippines

Another clinical trial was carried out, and it demonstrated the fact that taking 2 g of chlorogenic acid helps increase homocysteine level in both men and women, which results in the improvement of their cardiovascular status. But the effect that green coffee has on the heart has not been studied yet, therefore, people with heart problems should consult with a therapist before deciding whether to buy this drink.

Drinking green coffee for weight loss is the method used by those overweight people who refuse to take expensive synthetic drugs and prefer natural product instead. Besides, it is a good start for those people who can’t make themselves go on a diet or start eating healthier.

What makes green coffee such a good product?

This is the drink made from fresh green coffee beans which are not roasted, but used in their natural form.  The coffee contains the substance called chlorogenic acid which is a powerful fat burner. In addition, this drink is all natural, without any chemical additives. This product fully detoxifies the body, breaks down fat cells and withdraws the breakdown products from your system without any additional intervention.

Some manufacturers of green coffee combine natural coffee beans with various herbs that speed up the fat burning process. Green tea is one of these herbs. It is considered to be the strongest antioxidant. Other herbs are also added to the mix, making it absolutely possible to get rid of up to 5 kg per week.

Speaking of the source of green coffee, it originates from the province of Kafa. This province is located in Ethiopia, although many believe that this territory belongs to Brazil.

The product got its name from the fact that the coffee beans have not been subjected to roasting, therefore they remain fresh and green. Such beans grow on trees, and freshly brewed green coffee taste almost the same as regular coffee. Containing chlorogenic acid, green coffee perfectly cleanses the body from toxins.where to buy green coffee

By drinking green coffee you can rapidly and easily reduce fat deposits in the body, thus losing the extra kilograms. The scientists who have discovered that caffeine in conjunction with chlorogenic acid help lose weight, claim that it is green coffee one should drink, and not any other kind of coffee. It is consuming green coffee that makes it possible to get rid of extra kilograms faster. Besides, green coffee contents tannins with purine-rich alkaloids which help make a person feel better and improve overall health.

Green coffee stimulates mental activity, helps to cure headaches and migraines, improves memory.

In addition, coffee bean oil is widely used in cosmetology as a highly effective means of combating and preventing wrinkles. Green coffee bean oil also helps to improve the condition of the hair. Moreover, green coffee bean oil is also indispensable in removing stretch marks on the body and combatting cellulite. In the medical sector green coffee bean oil is often added in burn ointments.