A more or less intensive pigmentation may occur in different stages of life. It may be due to heredity, age, pregnancy, tanning  medications, or some treatments in beauty salons. As a rule, pigmentation is particularly intense on the exposed parts of the skin – face, hands, chest area and upper back. Spots can be of different sizes and shapes. They have one thing in common i.e.  they don’t look nice. Therefore, women try to cover them with make up or to get rid of them.miracle glow mask price

Many recipes are known from ancient times for a healthy white skin. But they are unable to completely eliminate the dark spots. All they can do is to make them lighter and less visible and their effect is temporary.  Beauty salon treatments have become an alternative to this ineffective means. However, they are not only expensive, but also can bring unwanted results. Therefore, a special whitening mask «Miracle Glow», that guarantees to get rid of pigmentation, has become so popular in a short period of time. With its help, you can get a smooth and beautiful skin complexion in a matter of weeks and forget about the pigmentation of the skin, like a bad dream.

What are the benefits of whitening mask Miracle Glow

This unique tool allows you to get rid of freckles, age spots and pigmentation resulting from pregnancy or hormonal drugs. miracle glow philippinesIt also helps to get rid of red spots or inflammation, excessive sun tan or incorrectly applied self-tanning lotion. And most importantly the cream «Miracle Glow» normalizes the production of colour pigment melanin by the skin cells. This means that it helps not only to deal with existing spots, but also will prevent the appearance of new ones. Your skin will always have a white and healthy complexion!

The composition of the cream

The great advantage of whitening mask Miracle Glow is in its natural structure, which allows to use it for any skin type at any age. It includes the root of the Chinese cordyceps, which is part of the famous oriental recipes – Cordyceps sinensis. This fungus with unique properties belongs to the family of sac fungi. People who harvest it do it risking their lives in the mountainous regions of China at a height of 3.5 km above sea level. It doesn’t grow at a lower altitude. The Chinese have used Cordyceps for more than fifteen hundred years. It is not a coincidence if Chinese women have a transparent smooth skin complexion, which resembles to porcelain. This fact remained a mystery for hundreds of years.

What is the active principle of whitening mask Miracle Glowmiracle glow face cream

With the help of this revolutionary product you can get rid of pigmentation for a long time! To do this, use a mask at least three times a week. Apply a dense layer of the mask, keep it for 15 minutes and rinse with warm water. The minimum course duration is 4 weeks. Already in the first days you will see changes on your skin. You will not believe your eyes – the dark spots will simply disappear and will no longer bother you.