Era of electricity

It is absolutely impossible to live a full life without electricity nowadays. However, many of us don’t care about their dependency on those AC power sockets. Yet, the issue is worth reflecting upon. After all, there are good opportunities on the market that will allow you to save on electricity. And one of the best options to consider is Power Factor Saver.

General description of the device

Power Factor Saver is a device that is plugged into a power socket. Connected to the power supply network, it can significantly reduce your electricity costs. With regular use of this device, your savings will amount to 30-50% (depending on the equipment.)

Percentage of savings

Find more detailed information below. You will learn about the potential savings on various appliances.

Let’s start with the smallest percentage:power factor saver box

  • 30% — circular saw, drill, scroll saw;
  • 35% — coffee machine, toaster, electric kettle, lamp;
  • 40% — electric boiler, refrigerator;
  • 45% — electric stove, electric heaters, microwave, iron, TV set;
  • 50% — desktop computer, dishwasher, air conditioner, hairdryer.

Safe life of electric appliances

Electric current in our homes is not stable in nature. Fluctuations occur from time to time, which is an inevitable process. With such fluctuations, household appliances are not protected in any way. In fact, they can get broken every second. A lot of women know from their own experience what it is to be left with wet hair when a hair dryer suddenly breaks down. Of course, if you use Power Factor Saver, such risks will no longer exist, because this device stabilises the electric current.

Where to use

It will be appropriate to use Power Factor Saver in the following environment:

  • residential apartments and private homes;
  • offices;
  • fitness centers, SPAs, entertainment centres;
  • any stores;
  • bars, cafes, restaurants, etc.;
  • garages.

Main advantages of Power Factor Saver

  • The extraordinary ease of use. You simply need to plug the device into a power socket.
  • It makes it possible to save electricity consumption within a long period of time.
  • The efficiency of the device has been proven by scientific research.
  • Beneficial effect on household appliances: significantly extending their life cycle.
  • Reduction of harmful electromagnetic radiation, created by various cables and devices.
  • Return of investment within one or two months.power factor saver device

How popular is this device?

Power Factor Saver is very popular in the United States of America. Statistical studies indicate that every second family in America successfully uses the energy saving device. And you, too, can order the unique device right now.

Simple steps to reducing energy consumption

  • Step 1. Connect the device to an electrical outlet.
  • Step 2. Start considerable energy saving thanks to just a single Power Factor Saver device.

What are users saying?

The majority of consumer feedback suggests that the Power Factor Saver provides excellent results. Thus, it becomes clear that 40% and even 50% energy saving is a true fact rather than just an exaggeration for the sake of marketing. The device allows you to save on your bills, which means a lot in the era of electricity.