Varicosity is a problem for millions of people across the globe. The disease has many causes including genetic predisposition. The problem is quite challenging as there is a limited number of medications which can help to get rid of varicosity once and for all. The majority of medications can only temporarily eliminate the symptoms of the disease leaving the cause of the ailment unattended.

Fortunately, today’s patients can rely on a comprehensive medication called Varikostop which not only subdues the symptoms of the disease but also treats the vascular system from within. Varikostop allows you to get rid of pain and discomfort within the shortest possible time. Surprisingly, scientific research suggests that after seventeen days of systematic application of the medication a person experiences significant improvement. Completely organic content of the medication makes the use of it possible for any person. The gel has no contraindications, causes no skin allergy or reddening. The medication can treat the most complicated cases of varicosity and its active components act on the mechanism of the disease but not on its symptoms.varikostop cream where to buy in the philippines

Therapeutic properties of Varikostop

Thanks to its unique diphase formula Varikostop quickly handles the gravest problems faced by an affected person:

  • tired legs;
  • swelling;
  • inflammations;
  • trophic ulcer;
  • overweight;
  • heavy legs;
  • circulatory systems disorders.

This medication is currently recommended by the world’s leading phlebologists. Extensive research and tests confirm its high efficacy and therapeutic effect.

The use of Varikostop has already helped many people to avoid surgery. High effectiveness of the medication facilitates the achievement of positive treatment result in 100% of cases. The gel can be used as the only therapeutic agent or in combination with other medications.

Six active ingredients of the gel positively influence affected parts of the veins and work as a preventative by fortifying the walls of undamaged veins making the relapse impossible.


Conservative treatment course which involves the use of Varikostop will provide you with the following:

  • regaining your active lifestyle;varikostop philippines
  • elimination of discomfort and aches;
  • light and tireless legs;
  • excellent well-being;

After seventeen days of serious treatment every woman will be able to wear skirts without fearing that her legs look unattractive.

Normal functioning of the veins will influence not only your appearance. It will facilitate the normalization of your metabolism and get rid of stagnation processes in your veins for good. As a result, you will be able to attend beaches and public swimming pools with a peace of mind.

The treatment will also be beneficial for your feet. Decreased pressure on the lower parts of your legs will make your feet feel freer and your gait light and unrestrained.

The gel contains many plant extracts. Their combined application will influence the affected areas of the blood vessels and skin in an extremely positive manner. Active plant ingredients facilitate the following:

  • less tired legs;
  • elimination of skin and veins inflammations;
  • toning the blood vessels;
  • making your veins more elastic;
  • improved blood circulation;
  • elimination of spider veins from the skin surface;
  • decreased size of your shank.

Compact size of the gel allows taking it with you while you are on holidays, at work, in the city or in the countryside. The small tube won’t take much space in your luggage and you will be able to experience gel’s efficacy any time and anywhere.

In order to achieve the required effect, you have to keep rubbing small amounts of the gel into the affected and vulnerable parts of your body for seventeen days. The medication is indispensable in the treatment and prevention of varicosity. It can be used regardless of person’s age as completely organic formula makes the gel exceptionally safe and effective.varikostop cream review

High effectiveness of Varikostop gel

The unique content of the medication was developed by the leading European doctors and scientists. Their cooperation helped to create an effective blend of various components which was included into the gel:

  • extract from fresh leaves of Ginkgo biloba;
  • pine tree needles extract;
  • glycerol;
  • extract from the berries of young sea buckthorn;
  • horse chestnut;
  • menthol crystals.

Extract from fresh leaves of Ginkgo biloba gently influences the walls of the blood vessels making them more elastic and supple. It provides with a restoring effect which helps to tone up the blood vessels from within. Active components of the plant deeply penetrate the inner tissues of the organ facilitating its recovery and supplying the required microelements. As a result, a person starts feeling incredible lightness in their legs and stagnation processes inside the blood vessels stop.

Pine tree needles effectively assist with toning. The influence of active ingredients reduces swelling in the legs, significantly improving the quality of life. Active processes of skin covers’ recovery take place at the same time, restoring the skin surface even in the areas that were most affected (by trophic ulcer).varikostop ingredients

Glycerol intensively moisturizes and nourishes the skin facilitating healing of wounds and mitigating fatigue in the legs. Berries of young sea buckthorn contain unique ingredients which facilitate the following:

  • skin rejuvenation;
  • cells recovery;
  • elimination of spasms and cramps in the legs;
  • antioxidative effect.

Horse chestnut prevents the formation of blood clots, makes the blood vessels healthier and abates pain. Menthol crystals make you feel incredible lightness in your legs, mitigate pain and disinfect the surface of the skin.